When the Buddha delivered the discourses, as a skilled teacher, he tailored the teaching depending on the maturity and background of the listeners. Hence, various teachings with different approaches can be found in many Suttas. X-Ref is trying to explore the teachings by cross referencing between Suttas and depicting sequential diagrams as visual representation. From time to time, we will post additional studies, please visit us again…Thank you.


Four Noble Truths

Right view

Five Aggregates

Mindfullness and Clear comprehension

Five Hindrances

Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Tranquility  (Awareness-release) + Insight (Discernment-release) Last updated: Feb. 18. 2014

Clear-knowing/ True knowledge (Vijjā) and Conduct (Caraṇa) Last updated: Mar. 12. 2014

True knowledge and liberation


Greed | Hate | Delusion Last updated: Sep. 23. 2014

The discovery of truth & The final arrival at truth

Noble Eightfold Path and Direct knowledge

Self-identification Last updated: Apr. 10. 2014

Seeing things as they really are Last updated: May. 08. 2014

Unskillful and Skillful Action  Last updated: Dec. 01. 2014